Getting a gift for someone who loves running is hard, because you never know what they already have, or what they might need for an upcoming season.

In this list of affordable running gift ideas, I’m listing things I actually use for making my runs safe and comfortable, as well as apparel I’m using this year. A lot of these gifts are readily available on store websites online, or Amazon.

For getting any runner a gift for whichever occasion, make sure to get a gift receipt so that they can return it if they already have it, or prefer it in a different size.

That’s all for my best suggestions—let’s get into the list.

Running clothes

After accessories, running clothes are what every runner wants, because you can only do laundry so many times in a week! (And of course, many runners have their strong preferences already, like I do, but it can’t hurt to offer a gift that might introduce them to a new brand.)

Running joggers

The truth about me is that I run in shorts most of the year until it’s bitter cold outside, but many runners want to wear joggers when fall sets in.

What’s better than the gift of luxe running joggers for the runner in your life? Even though I think of lululemon as athleisure-wear, the lululemon Surge Joggers for men are most experts’ #1 pick for running bottoms. For women, check out the Adapted State Joggers.

My tip: for sizing, consider that lululemon tends to run a little small, at least in our experience, and remember to keep a gift receipt for presents.

Running jacket

Have you read Becca’s story about Buy Nothing? In it, we talk about how there was a day when I realized I needed a running jacket for a run — and I needed it immediately because of a change in weather impacting my running schedule. That day, I picked up a running jacket from New Balance.

These days, I’m using a slightly more updated one from Nike: the Nike Windrunner men’s running jacket. It repels water, and packs up small, so we can take it on a day trip or on a vacation when I plan to run. (Another hot tip from me: some colors may go on sale, so keep checking for that.)

Nike was generous enough to gift me this jacket for including in this review; all thoughts about it are my own.

Running tank

For running tanks, that’s usually Becca’s department, as I tend to run in tees and sleeves (noted below). Based on brands I like, I’d try out the Twilight Tank from Tracksmith if you are shopping for a male runner, and a high-neck lululemon tank top for female runners, as they go great with high-waisted running shorts.

Versatile running shorts

Every runner has a different preference for the types of shorts they like. Becca likes biker shorts that are high-waisted, and I like unlined shorts with quick-dry capabilities for ultra weightlessness.

I’m currently trying out the Nike Versatile Shorts, which are multi-purpose for people who like to work out in a few ways, with stretching, lifting or some light full-body exercise before and after a run.

I put them on in the morning and then I feel more inclined to go for a run when I’m done working, which works great for staying fit while I work from home. (The bonus feature on these is the handy zipper pocket in the back: don’t miss it.)

Nike gifted me this shorts so that I could try them and include my thoughts here; this review is not sponsored by Nike.

Running long-sleeve tee

If you’d like to give the gift of multi-season running apparel, take it from me: I run in a long-sleeve athletic shirt for most months of the year. In spring and summer, long sleeves help me avoid getting sunburnt, and in fall and winter, it’s my base layer.

Check out this Under Armour long-sleeve shirt as a gift idea for a runner.

Fitness sweatshirt

Adjacent to running apparel is general fitness and training apparel, and this Crew sweatshirt from Nike has a zippered pocket that keeps valuables secure while I’m stretching, warming up or cooling down. For women, check out this similar cropped hoodie from Nike.

Because sweatshirts don’t require an exact skintight fit, a product like this is usually a much-appreciated gift for a runner who’s always cool with owning more training gear (or loungewear from a great activewear brand!). Also, this one comes at an incredibly reasonable price that’s a little hard to believe.

Nike provided us with the fitness sweatshirt as a gift; all thoughts are my own.

Running accessories

While a lot of runners make it look like they just walk out of the house and start a run, behold: there are some great accessories (affordable ones!) that are super gifts for running hobbyists to make runs more enjoyable.

Running flask (Handheld water bottle)

From spring to fall, and sometimes in winter, I run with this Nathan Speedview Flask, which is hand-held and also has a phone pocket.

Running headphones

I swear by the SHOKZ OpenRun Pro because they’re so lightweight and sweatproof (that’s a big deal for me). Because they’re open ear, rather than in my ear, they don’t make it unsafe for me to run outside; I can ear traffic and oncoming cars and everything else in my surroundings while I’m on a jog.

As a note, I also use them at home when I’m doing strength workouts with my iPad and some virtual classes on YouTube. You’ll find these as an accessory in my products for a home gym setup.

Running torch

I figured out how to run in the dark over the years, and a key ingredient was the Nathan hand torch.

Running headlamp

Up a notch in the budget tiers, the Nebula headlamp is one of the leading ways that runners like me use to be seen (and see) as night falls and I’m still out for a run. This is a good one for anyone who’s running in early mornings or late evenings.

Running gloves

Running gloves like the Unigear Lightweight Gloves have helped me keep my hands toasty and fight off wind during colder months while running outside or training for marathons. These make a really affordable gift for a runner.

Running cap

For hats, they’re very preferential, but if the runner you know is into beanie-style head coverings, gift them this running cap from New Balance.

Running sweatbands

Running sweatbands are an easy (and cheap!) gift for runners, because they come in a pack of 5, so they can be kept in the glove compartment, coat closet, drying rack and wherever else running accessories live. These help to keep sweat out of a runner’s eyes, so they can be really handy and thoughtful!

Running shoes and footwear

It can be hard to think of footwear gifts for runners. Here are a few ideas for running gifts that I’d be happy to receive!

Kane Revive active recovery shoes

While they might be a tiny bit more of a splurge in terms of affordability, the Kane Revive active recovery shoes are amazing to slide into after coming back from a run. Becca wears these all around the house, regardless if she has just worked out.

We think they make an appreciated gift because they’re not the type of thing most runners think of buying, but they are smart to have around at home.

Swiftwick running socks

I think that a specialty running sock like the knee-high Swiftwick Aspire 12 is a great gift because a lot of runners might not have unique socks like these in their collections. These socks are ideal for running longer distances, or, can be worn to stabilize muscles after a run.

Regardless, I have them in my sock drawer for days when I’m taking a rest in between runs. Because they’re not just ankle socks or crew socks, they seem a bit more intentional as a gift.

Waterproof trail sneakers

While probably the priciest gift idea on this list, trail sneakers like the waterproof Nike Pegagus Trail 4 GORE-TEX are a great value because they’re some of the best value on the market for waterproof trail sneakers for runners. When we moved to the suburbs, I felt it was time to give trail running a try, after years of road running in the city.

If you’re shopping for a committed runner (or even yourself), they’ll know that one of the worst things to happen during a run is an unexpected rainstorm that makes running shoes wet. But if you have waterproof sneakers, you’re in the clear (and the rest of you gets wet, but that’s not half as annoying as wet sloshy feet).

Helpful Tip

If you are buying running shoes for a runner, make sure your shopping aligns with their favorite sneaker brand, and that you provide a gift receipt in case they need to exchange for a different size or width.

Nike also provided these trail sneakers for us to review; all thoughts are my own.