Prenatal yoga saved my sanity and my fitness during my pregnancy. I was taking walks and walking on the treadmill in the evenings after work, but it was on weekends or when the weather got cold that I just wanted to settle down with some pregnancy-friendly yoga from the comfort of home.

That’s when I started looking up online yoga classes for pregnant women that really spoke to me. I appreciated the YouTube teachers who kept me positive and motivated. Sometimes I wanted a 45-minute online class, and sometimes all I had time for was a quick 10 minutes, and I wanted something valuable and worthwhile.

Here are the YouTube channels and online yoga teachers who got me through my pregnancy fitness journey.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

This channel is the leading prenatal yoga channel on YouTube, and if you even lookup “prenatal yoga,” the results are a monopoly of Jessica’s videos.

She’s for real, though: Jessica is a dietitian and prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor, so she has the credentials to lead pregnant women like me in fitness all through their pregnancies.

She has an easygoing peppy demeanor and has a prenatal yoga class for literally everything you could think of, as a woman getting used to a pregnant body and how to work out with it.

I recommend hitting up her Playlists, which are themed by things like First Trimester Workouts, Second Trimester Workouts and Third Trimester Workouts, as well as “Postpartum challenges” and Pelvic Floor Exercises.


PregActive is more than prenatal yoga: it’s also prenatal pilates, advice on labor & delivery, birth prep and reducing labor pain. PregActive was where I first tried prenatal pilates (and I should note that I don’t even do pilates when I’m “not pregnant,” so you can see how being pregnant made me bold enough to try new things!).

This channel also has pregnancy meditations and cardio workouts, so if you subscribe and follow along, there’s a lot to discover here in terms of variety.

Try this one! Pregnancy Pilates First Trimester Workout - Safe Full Body Workout

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene’s Yoga with Adriene yoga channel on YouTube is one of the most well-known in the yoga world and she’s one of the most successful yoga YouTubers ever. I regularly do her videos, and her yoga channel is actually what introduced me to online yoga back in 2020.

During my pregnancy, I happened on one of her prenatal classes! And there are a number more. I enjoy the familiar voice of Adriene, who is friendly and warm, even through my laptop screen.

Try the class I took: Prenatal Yoga | 22-Minute Home Yoga Practice

(Also don’t miss the video “Prenatal Yoga - 5 Poses for All Trimesters,” **done in her earlier years, with a pregnant YouTuber guest star.)

Sarah Beth Yoga

I found out about Sarah Beth Yoga when searching for regular yoga classes, and then I was happy to see that the channel is offering prenatal classes for pregnancy.

Sarah Beth’s style is narrations, meaning she’s not speaking to you in real time, but rather, recording the class first and then narrating it with audio in a very clear way. This is best for people who enjoy this type of yoga; I have to admit that personally, I like when the teacher is speaking in real time with a mic.

So, if this is to your preference, check out the Prenatal Yoga for Beginners, and the Prenatal Yoga Workout for ALL Trimesters.

Try this nice online class: Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine | Sarah Beth Yoga

Boho Beautiful Yoga

Boho Beautiful Yoga is a vibey YouTube channel that you also may have come across if you’ve been researching yoga on YouTube for years now like I have. The yoga instructors are all gorgeous and doing yoga on beaches and next to scenic locations with mountains. It’s kind of like a mental and physical escape.

I was surprised to find that by searching the channel’s main page for “prenatal” with the search function, that I came across more prenatal classes than just the very popular “25 Min Prenatal Yoga Workout” that comes up in top yoga videos for prenatal.

Boho Beautiful has a Prenatal Journey program that is for sale on the website, but you can do quite a few of the classes at no charge on YouTube, like I did.

Try this one: Prenatal Morning Yoga Bliss | Full Body Relief & Compassionate Alignment

Yogi in Melbourne

I discovered Yogi in Melbourne while searching for prenatal classes, as I did most nights after either coming back from a run or bike ride, or on weekends when I had no plans.

Paula, the teacher, is a down-to-earth Australian mom who supports yogis through various yoga theories and wellbeing. I like her accent—it’s refreshing. She often recommends using yoga blocks and a yoga blanket, so head to my starter home gym product list for my recommendations on those.

The first video of hers that I tried was this one: Prenatal Yoga Flow - tone legs 30min.

Harlow’s Earth

I think Harlow’s Earth is a great channel for being consistent with prenatal yoga week by week. I came upon the channel a bit later in my pregnancy, but still was able to enjoy the videos entitled “Week 21” and etc., as they applied to my weeks of pregnancy that as a first-time mom were exciting, one by one.

Start with the Intro video, and then start with the Prenatal Yoga Playlist (so convenient!). The first one is the Week 4 Prenatal video (it’s appropriate because most women don’t know they are pregnant until week 4, 5 or 6, but sometimes later), and the last one is Week 40. After Week 40, she does a Congrats video, and then there’s postnatal recovery videos to try for after you give birth. <3

Try the class I took: Week 37 - Acceptance & Trust in Our Body - Prenatal Yoga Series, and head to the Prenatal Playlist

Brittany Bryden

Brittany’s channel is a sweet home-grown one, and she inspires her online “students” to become their authentic selves. She is passionate and humble, and wants yoga to be accessible anywhere, not just in a studio.

Her pregnancy and prenatal classes are varied, from Prenatal Chair Yoga (cool!) to a quick class like the Standing prenatal yoga flow, for doing first thing in the morning.

Try this: Prenatal yoga third trimester with Brittany Bryden | Gentle Stretches

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is the channel where I found one of the first online yoga teachers I really appreciated: Briohny Smyth (who is so much fun). But then I also found out that Alo provides some prenatal yoga that is fun to do again and again.

The teacher who leads most of the prenatal classes from the Alo channel is Andrea Bogart, a real mom and yoga teacher.

Try this: 30-Minute Alo Yoga Pre-Natal Morning Flow with Andrea Bogart, and this 30-Minute Pre-Natal Wind Down

As a tip, you can go to the Alo Moves by Alo Yoga website and buy into a 12-class series with Mackenzie (but I’m all for doing free prenatal yoga on the internet).


Another international yoga YouTube channel is YogaLightNZ, from New Zealand! The channel aims to create a safe and engaging environment for practicing yoga. This is not a major YouTube channel, but I want to support what Tash, the yoga instructor, is doing.

Among the playlists, you can choose the Prenatal series, which starts with an active class for the first trimester. For each trimester, there’s an “active” and a “gentle” class, which is nice because you can choose what you’re feeling on any given day (and pregnancy is a wild ride, so everything is pretty unpredictable!).

Try the class I did: Prenatal Yoga For Bloating | YogaLight (and I always felt bloated, so I did this one quite a few times)

DISCLAIMER: By engaging in physical activities with any of the above recommendations, it is crucial to contact your doctor to ask if prenatal yoga is right for you and your pregnancy. The above recommendations are based on what I did in my pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different. Any pregnant woman using these recommendations is advised to consult with her medical provider before beginning any new exercise programs. Half Half Home is not a medical organization and all recommendations above are purely opinions, not medical advice.