The Jupiduu Indoor Children’s Slide has been a cute and fun addition to my toddler’s bedroom. I was lucky to have landed this kids slide by chance!

In this review, find out more about this slide, what I like about it, and what I don’t like. Ultimately, see if I recommend it for your play room, toddler’s bedroom or family room.

This review is not sponsored in any way by Jupiduu; I got my Jupiduu Indoor Slide as a hand-me-down from a family in our neighborhood!

What is it?

The Jupiduu Wooden Indoor Slide for children is a VERY durable and strong piece of play equipment for your home. It’s built for kids ages 1.5 to 4, and it has an easy incline of 24 degrees that’s gentle and fun.

Our Jupiduu slide has always lived in my toddler’s room, where I talk in my article about how to set up a fun toddler bedroom that it is the single most “fun” piece of furniture we have there.

The Jupiduu slide is safe, and not only is it well-designed for growing little ones, but it’s also nice to set your eyes on (even if you get it second-hand!). It’s essentially impossible to break or destroy, and it’s HEAVY.

Continue reading to see what I like and what I don’t really like about it.

What I like

I was lucky to get the Jupiduu slide second-hand from another mom in my neighborhood, and lucky me! Here’s what I like most about the Jupiduu Indoor Slide.

The design and the look

Of course, this highly-popular indoor slide is a crowd-pleaser because parents like how it looks in their minimalist nurseries and family rooms. The look is modern and goes with trendy home aesthetics. I think the slide alone even elevates the look of my daughter’s bedroom, as it’s certainly a showpiece of sorts.

Above all, it’s like a timeless piece of furniture. I can see it becoming a sentimental part of our family life.

The safety and quality

Jupiduu takes safety uber-seriously in the designs of all their products. The slide does not have any hard edges, and all the finishes are made from plant-based materials.

Further, because Jupiduu is a European company, the safety standards are those from Europe (EN-71). The side rails are relatively high, to allow for toddlers gliding safely down the incline.

What I do recommend for starting use of this slide with children under 2 is to supervise at every step of the way. My daughter enjoys the slide, but sometimes forgets to have her arms come with her when one arm lets go. I want to make sure that all her limbs are coming down the slide together so that there are no injuries.

Helpful Tip

One thing I should note is that in line with how safe the slide is, it is HEAVY! The Amazon product page quotes the weight at 19 kg, or nearly 42 lbs. Would you believe I carried it from my car all the way down a long hallway and into our old apartment, by myself?

The fun!

Of course, my growing toddler thinks the slide is fun. She doesn’t always want to slide down, but when we’ve had friends over, other children go for our Jupiduu slide IMMEDIATELY. They think it’s very cool that she has a slide on her play mat in her bedroom.

In years to come, we could put our Jupiduu slide in the family room, or in the basement if we build a play area there. And if we have big play dates or a toddler party at home, the slide can be the star of the show.

What I don’t like (criticisms)

Of course, the slide is not perfect — not too many children’s products are! See what I’m a little less enthused about.

It’s prone to scratching

Somehow, the surfaces of the slide itself has gotten a few nicks and scratches through the months. I’m not sure if they are from my child and her use of the slide, or the previous owner, or the fact that we moved the slide from an apartment to our new house.

Regardless, if you’re picky about the surfaces you choose to go in your home, beware that the white slide material can get scratched by sharp objects and is not scratch-proof.

The little ladder

The little ladder part (two steps) leading up to the slide may be hard for some toddlers to catch onto, because it really is like a ladder, rather than steps. At daycare, my daughter is used to climbing up actual steps with levels; the Jupiduu slide has holes for feet to go in, and some toddlers may not like the feeling until they are a little older.

Do I recommend it?

I think the Jupiduu slide is one of the more “special” things we have for our daughter. While my other “mom friends” are investing in indoor playgrounds, gym mats and climbing gyms, I have this highly durable kids slide that will last for however many children I choose to have.

I think the Jupiduu slide is a unique addition to the active toys and activities we have for our daughter, and we started putting her on it with assistance as young as 12 months. We also let her stuffed animals slide down, to show her how it works and to encourage her to slide on her own.

Also, some fun facts: apparently the Kardashians like the Judiduu slide and when I read more about Jupiduu at Josh Jenna Kids, I found out that Prince George got one, too.

How to buy

Previously, the Jupiduu Indoor Slide was easily available on Amazon; however, it recently became “Unavailable” there.

That being said, it’s best to buy it on the Jupiduu website, where your purchase benefits from fast delivery and a wide range of payment options.

What is Jupiduu?

Jupiduu is a German brand and started the company with the children’s slide as the first product. The slide became kind of a viral phenomenon and became a favorite for celebrities around the world with a few clicks!

Jupiduu stands by a few important parts of its mission, which are premium products, quality-controlled safety, unique design and fair conditions in manufacturing.