I got the Flexispot Bamboo Monitor Stand to hoist up my computer monitor on my desk. I thought it would be a way to create some variation on my desk, as well as a way to get the monitor up a few inches.

The Bamboo Monitor Stand is one of Flexispot’s more affordable home office products, and it’s a simple one. This is a monitor stand that gets you some storage underneath, if that is what your home office setup was lacking.

In this review, you’ll find out about my experience unboxing and setting up the monitor stand, as well as my thoughts on quality, the size of it and the implications it had on my overall workstation at home.

Key takeaways from this review

  • This bamboo monitor stand is a simple home office product that raises your monitor a few inches higher on your desk.
  • See my experience in the features I like, including creating additional surface space and storage space.
  • Learn about what I don’t like, and how the monitor stand changed the overall space I had for my things.

What I like about it

I like a lot about the stand, as you can see here. I’ll detail these points, along with the photos that correspond.

A way to stash things away

The Bamboo Monitor Stand lets me clear my space and get my monitor plus other desk items on another “level.” I’m able to stash desk accessories under the monitor stand.

If you draw or take notes during meetings or for your line of work, the monitor stand could be used in your space to store a notebook, notepad or a set of pens.

By creating a new level and being able to store stuff, I make my entire desk look a bit more presentable.

Helps with keeping desk appear more tidy

I’m always searching for ways to clean up my desk so that I’m not overwhelmed by clutter. With the monitor stand, I got the wires to be fed underneath, instead of all of them hanging out.

Creates an additional surface

The Bamboo Monitor Stand creates another level, like I mentioned above, within my desk space. If your monitor doesn’t have an adjustable monitor stand, your monitor can be raised up. This makes it closer to eye level.

Has two adjustable heights

Whether this was intentional for the product or not, I found that I could use the legs a “tall way” or a “short way.” That’s because they are flippable, on hinges.

I tried the higher height first, and then folded in the “feet” to make it lower and more steady. If you have a tall keyboard, you may want the higher height, so that it can stow away under the stand. I eventually picked the lower height because it worked best with my desk setup.

It’s lightweight

The bamboo is pretty thin and it’s not terribly heavy. The quality isn’t dense like the bamboo desks or tables I’ve had from IKEA. It’s slightly more like the bamboo organizers I’ve gotten from Amazon.

Flexispot Bamboo Monitor Stand

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Criticisms and what I don’t like

Of course, this monitor stand isn’t perfect. Here are a few critiques.


When the monitor stand was on the higher setting, it was wobbly against my desk. However, i’m not usually “interacting” with the top of the stand because my monitor sits there. I probably won’t touch it very often.


If your desk isn’t sturdy to begin with, using another product as a riser will create additional shaking. My standing desk from Flexispot (which I detail in my Flexispot E7 desk review) is incredibly sturdy, so it wasn’t that bad.

Kind of like building a tower with blocks, when the blocks you keep putting on top of other ones are more and more delicate, the same thing would happen if you placed this monitor stand on top of something that was already uneven or shaky. Also, you wouldn’t want your monitor to be living on a wobbly desk to begin with.

Using it with a laptop stand

Once I put the monitor stand on my desk, I couldn’t fit my laptop stand very well on my desk anymore. I use the 12South Curve laptop stand, and it has a footprint the size of a MacBook Pro, approximately.

I have to use a webcam now. This is a little less ideal than in my previous setup, but I don’t mind it. Change is good!

Assembly and unboxing experience

Conveniently, the Bamboo Monitor Stand has no assembly required. I was actually surprised that it came right out of the box and was ready to use, hinges and all.

With other Flexispot products I’ve tried, from both my and Becca’s Flexispot standing desks to our Flexispot modular sofas, a bunch of assembly and putting things together was required.

Here, you can see photos of how the monitor stand right when I opened the box, and when I removed the packaging. I picked up the entire stand and carried it up the stairs to my home office, and it was ready to be the new home for my computer monitor.

Is it worth it for your home office?

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home office, having a monitor stand like this one could be the answer.

This monitor stand creates space on your desk, and may prop up your second monitor if the stand you have for it isn’t adjustable.

It also creates a way to tidy your things, or slide away a mousepad or keyboard when you aren’t using it. Depending on the number of home office accessories on your desk, you may not be using them every day anyway.

At an affordable price, the monitor stand is a way to make different height levels within a home office desk environment. I didn’t know that it would make my laptop stand fit less optimally on my desk, but I’m finding a solution for that by getting a webcam that I think will work out for when I’m in meetings.

One thing to remember is that this product is not a desk riser. Desk risers, or what Flexispot calls “desk converters,” are products that convert a regular desk into a standing desk by “lifting” everything on a surface.

The Bamboo Monitor Stand is a simple product that creates another shelf for a computer monitor. It looks nice, too!

Spring Sale

FlexiSpot is having their annual brand day sale now, with up to 65% off best-sellers.

Shop the sale

Where to buy it

Currently, the Bamboo Monitor Stand is only available on the Flexispot website. It’s not yet available at the Flexispot Amazon store.

We’ve had good experiences with the Flexispot website, too. The checkout process is easy to understand.

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