When furnishing our new house, we were curious about the flexibility of modular furniture, and Flexispot’s seating options seemed like a fit. We decided on a few couches, and they showed up to our house as we spent a few weeks moving in.

In this review, learn about our experience with the Flexispot sofas. We’ll discuss our experience with the assembly, the quality and how they look.

Disclaimers: Flexispot gifted us our modular sofas; however, all opinions, experiences and photos here are our own and reflect our genuine thoughts. This review was made possible by Flexispot, but is not directly sponsored.

What are the Flexispot sofas?

Flexispot is mainly a desk and standing desk company, and we both own Flexispot desks. We’re pretty happy with the quality in those, so we thought we’d get to know the company’s line of modular sofas. The timing was good, because we had just bought a house and needed couches!

Flexispot’s modular sofas were interesting to us: the crux of their sofa products is that the sofas boil down to pieces that build. There is a basic sofa piece, and then backs and sides. With this modular aspect, we could build 2-seat, 3-seat and 4-seat couches, arranged in straight lines, or L-shapes.

In fact, the biggest driver for us in wanting a few Flexispot sofas was that we could break them apart and reconfigure them if we wanted to. As you read on, you’ll see that this is exactly what we did. (You can also see all our photos of the sofas right out of the box, and how they look in our house.)

Sofa styles

There are a few different styles of Flexispot sofas and we looked long and hard at each of them to decide what to get.

1) The SF2-Small Sofa line can go anywhere from 1 to 4 seats “deep.” There are no chaise lounges. We chose one of these, in Fabric Dark Gray. Here’s ours:

3) The SF2-Chaise Sofa line includes chaise lounge setups, or, ottomans for resting your feet. There are quite a few configurations, from a simple 3-seater to a L-shape sectional with the modular ottomans.

4) The SF2-Large Sofa line includes large setups. These configurations are all too many seats and too much width for the rooms in our house. The styles go up to 8 seats and 12 “sides,” and would be great for a gigantic basement, if we had one.

5) SF3-Modular Sectional Sofa is new and looks the most upscale. I like it a lot! It comes in much larger modules that can be placed together to make an “L shape.” It has a more traditional “comfy couch” look than the SF2 line, which I would consider more contemporary-looking.

We opted for two modular sofas: the S2 with a chaise lounge setup and the “large sofa,” called the S3.

Sofa colors

The Flexispot sofas come in fabric and velvet materials. I bet you want to know which we chose! I wanted something “bold” for the living room, because we have neutral walls and a fireplace. I was immediately set on “Velvet Jade” for our chaise lounge sofa.

For the family room in our house, something neutral was best. Because we have a toddler, I wanted the darkest color possible, and something that could be cleaned. We got our family room couch in “Fabric Dark Gray.”

How the Flexispot couches arrived

Getting the Flexispot sofa deliveries was an adventure. The Small Sectional sofa arrived via a FedEx delivery at our doorstep about 36 hours after the order was placed, and this literally blew my mind. Flexispot has some fast logistics set up! Dan took in all the boxes, and for a few days, our house looked like Box City.

The second couch (the Sofa with Chaise) took over a week and a half to arrive. Then, we received one piece (one of the Carton sides). The next day, we received the rest of the couch, also on a FedEx delivery. It was like one minute the couch was not there, and the next thing we knew, we had 12 Flexispot boxes on our front lawn.

This is to say that the Flexispot sofas come semi-assembled. This had been a big question of mine. Unlike IKEA couches, which come as the big cushions and you have to buy the covers separately, the Flexispot cushions and all pieces come with the covers already zippered on.

Each piece is “assembled,” and the assembly work you have to do on your own is linking the pieces together and putting the “feet” on each end, side or module.

Things to keep in mind during unpacking the boxes

  • The sofa shipment will come in lots of boxes. Each piece is one box. So, the seat cushion for each module comes in a box with the seat back cushion as well. The deep sides and standard sizes come in their own boxes.
  • The cushion box is pretty heavy. it’s almost 50 pounds. You may need more than one person to bring that box up the stairs or into a house. You can also take the pieces individually up and down some steps if you need to.
  • Our VERY important recommendation: Open the box “right-side up!” If you open it upside-down, the cushion is where you’re opening the box with your knife, and it won’t be protected. If you open the box right-side up, it’s protected with a cardboard strip if you are using a boxcutter blade.

Sofa assembly

We found assembly pretty easy. It was easier than an IKEA sofa, which requires assembly completely from top to bottom. Here’s a bit about the experience of when Dan put our Flexispot couches together and assembled the parts. We’ll give our recommendations on how to make the assembly simple, as we figured out how to do it twice with two sofas.

A recommendation is to put everything together all at once.

  • Lay out all the sides, and lay out all the fasteners.
  • Make a pile of screws, and washers.
  • Thread the washers onto the bolts all at once, instead of one at a time.
  • Make an assembly line with someone else in your family or household and do it as an activity.
  • Put on all the hardware at one time. (This specifically saved a lot of time for us during the assembly.)
  • Then, hook the pieces together in your configuration. Hook the metal connectors into the slots.

One thing that was hard for us was (depending on the orientation of the couch) that it was difficult to put the locking mechanisms between the sections of the couch together. Having two people to help push the modules together, so that you can get the locking right, will help a bunch.

Dan tried this on his own without my help and it was challenging.

Lastly, we put together two couches: the “Sectional Sofa with Chaise” in Velvet Jade and the Small Sectional Sofa in Fabric Dark Gray. We ended up being short two screws, which was kind of strange. Luckily, we had some similar screws in the house in our toolbox, and these were able to work. We didn’t need to contact Flexispot for extras or replacements and made do.

How the “modular sofa” aspect worked out

For the SF2-Chaise model in the living room, I wasn’t sure on my vision. I didn’t know if I wanted the chaise on the left, closer to the doorway, or on the right, near the fireplace.

Luckily, because of the modular aspect, we can change the chaise lounge to whichever side we want. This flexibility is key, as we are not sure how we want to style the rest of the room, and if we’ll have accent chairs, a coffee table or a bookshelf. Moving the chaise to either side, or even using it as a central ottoman, is possible.

For the family room SF2-Small couch, we were surprised because the “small” sofa arrived and was larger than we considered. This turned out to be good, though, because instead of the original “L” configuration we intended (3+2), we put the couch together and opted for 4+1.

The only thing was that we needed to order more “ends.” So, we got Cartons “B” and “C” to complete the backs and sides.

The “Cartons” (What are they?)

What are the “Cartons” that you see in the product page? For us, the “Cartons” are a way to complete our Flexispot sofa configurations when we’ve unexpectedly changed our minds. In our experience, having access to getting more Carton items means that we can update our couch configurations if we want to change.

Carton A is the basic sofa module, and Carton B and Carton C are “sides.” While it’s a lot to wrap your head around and made me a bit logistically confused as we did a LOT of couch configuring in our home, I got familiar with the Carton products and how they are used.

Basically, I learned that if you want to go from a chaise to no chaise, or make the couch into an “L” from a linear shape, the deep sides or standard sides are what make this physically possible.

My thoughts on the sofa quality

I find the Flexispot sofa pricing to be middle of the road, compared to other couches out there. These days, you can get an IKEA couch for $300 at bare minimum (it won’t be great), but usually $600-800. On the other end, a West Elm couch might be up to $5000, depending on size and style. (West Elm also makes modular sectionals, with some up to $5500.)

For a couch around $1000-1500 (depending on the size you order), I expect average quality. I would say that is what you get with Flexispot. There no exceptionally-luxurious materials.

The fabric that Flexispot couch feels fine, for what it is, and the velvet material on the velvet couch feels average, too. I think there are some colors that happen to look nicer, in both of these, which is why I chose the Velvet Jade and Fabric Dark Gray.

I think the velvet in Light Gray looks a bit less classy, and I just mean that to say that I think some of the velvet fabrics look nicer than others.

For how they look on the whole, I sent a photo to my family of our Velvet Jade SF2-Chaise couch and someone in my family asked if it was a Lovesac couch! I was pleasantly surprised, and I said, “Nope, it is Flexispot.”

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Difference between Flexispot and Lovesac (budget alternative to Lovesac)

I looked long and hard at Lovesac sectional sofas online after someone asked if our Flexispot sectional sofa was a Lovesac one. Here is what I found, as for the differences:

  • Lovesac sofas have half-cushions to fill in that gap at the “L” corner of an “L” layout. This is actually a big add, because our L-shape Flexispot sectional has a gap there.
  • Lovesac offers arm styles, so there are choices of a “roll arm” and “angled side” in addition to the straight side that Flexispot offers as the only style.
  • Lovesac has angled “back” styles, in addition to the straight side that Flexispot offers as the only style.
  • Lovesac has a LOT of fabric offerings, including several colors in velvet, fabric and more materials.
  • Lovesac is offering accessories for the modular couches to buy as add-ons like a tech panel, drink holders and flat panels to make a coffee table on an ottoman.
  • I noticed that the Flexispot cushions are nowhere as thick or plushy as the Lovesac ones look (they’re kind of flat).

Overall, if you have seen Lovesac’s prices, you’d see that Flexispot is doing more or less the same thing with this type of modular sofa product, at 30% of the cost. While Lovesac likely uses better quality to go with their “for life” quality promises, Flexispot is a satisfactory modular couch that is a great part of our home now.

My favorite feature

I’ve talked about how I slept on our Flexispot sofas, and how I chose our colors and how they were shipped. But I didn’t talk about my favorite feature!

My favorite feature of the Flexispot couches is the storage compartment in each module piece. That’s right: each sofa module is hollow under the seat cushion. When you remove the cushion, the bottom portion of the moduel has a lift-up flap that has spacious storage inside.

I find it useful to store things like fleece throw blankets, or Dan’s massage guns in there. They are things I want to have access to, but I don’t use them every day. I can also store an entire Flexispot seat back cushion inside.

My thoughts on comfort

I will say one thing: I have slept for a few nights on one of our Flexispot couches, and commented to Dan in the morning that, “It was excellent.” I am a person who prefers a firm couch, as I like my back to feel aligned.

I actually thought the Flexispot modular couches were perfect for sleeping on because the cushions are so wide.

For sitting, they are OK. I would not call them exceptional. I think because the backs of the couch are low, you don’t get the full effect of real couch comfort that has a built-in cushion attached to a strong couch back. With the Flexispot sofas, because of the modular aspects, the sides and backs are half-height, and the cushions are “loose.”

They are never attached to the couch itself, because they are flexible and able to be moved. I don’t find them to be the most ergonomic. I think because they’re kind of flat, they’re not so great for my sensitive back. They’re not very firm on the sofa back panels, which are half-height.

None of this stops Dan from sitting on our fabric Flexispot couch all day on Fridays, though, when he has no meetings. Dan sits on our Flexispot couch in the family room from 10am to 5pm working on his laptop.

If you need a couch in a guest room or a family room, and if you often have guests, the Flexispot couches might be really good for having visitors. they’re also good for naps, if you like to take naps on a couch. I like the firmness aspect best.

Would I recommend these couches?

I think that, for the SF2 line of couches, you have to be ready for the unique elements of these sofas and their “modular” aspects. What I mean is that these couches aren’t like others that I’ve seen.

The seat back cushions are loose and moveable. They aren’t very attached to the couch, and they have some space in between. I think this is because for any given cushion, the modular quality needs them to fit on the smallest module type, which would be a single seat with two sides.

In any case, aside from the seat back cushions that take some getting used to, I really like a few things about these couches, and for these reasons I’d recommend them for a place like your family room, rec room, entertainment room or apartment:

  • The seat cushions have been so nice and firm, in my experience.
  • The seats are nice and deep, so I can sit cross-legged or stretch out.
  • The under-seat storage is such a nice feature that I’m utilizing for putting things away.
  • The modular configuration flexibility is fun. We plan to move around our chaise/ottoman, or have the ability to split the couches into two loveseats.

Where to buy the Flexispot sofas: I recommend getting them at the Flexispot website rather than any other website, like Amazon. The frequent Flexispot sales will only be available at the Flexispost website, and in addition, you can use your cash-back account with Rakuten for 2.5% cash back. There is also free shipping.

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Why we like Flexispot

We got to know Flexispot because of Dan’s desk chair, and both our standing desks. We’ve mostly had experience using Flexispot’s products for home offices.

I suggest heading to Dan’s review of the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk and my Flexispot Comhar desk review. We both use these desks every day and they have held up perfectly over time.

Flexispot often offers sales, so watch out for those. There are flash sales, and sometimes you can get up to 50% off Flexispot products. This includes the couches

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