I’ve been using my Quince Bamboo Sheets set for about 11 months now, and I think it’s a good time to review how the sheets set has held up.

The Quince Bamboo sheets are made of organic bamboo viscose and they are unlike other sheets I’ve tried. In fact, when they arrived, I wasn’t ready for the silky satiny lightweight (and thin) overall texture. I tried them anyway, and now I’m ready with a full list of pros and cons about them if you’re interested in buying them this season.

Here’s my review, with an up-close look on these Quince sheets. And as a disclaimer, Quince sent me these sheets as a gift. All opinions and photos are strictly my own.

Quick takeaways on what I like and don’t like

  • I’m not sold on the quality. The hem lines and elastics in the fitted sheet aren’t my favorite.
  • I do like that these sheets are ideal for summer because they’re lightweight and airy.
  • I don’t really like that they’re so slippery and they slip around when I’m making the bed.
  • The price, however, is affordable and much lower than the competition.

As for my photos that follow, I want to show the close-ups of the sheets quality, rather than how they look on my bed because they look like regular sheets on any bed. What’s unique about them is the texture and the look.

What I got

I got the Quince Bamboo Sheet Set in Queen size, in Light Grey. Currently, they come in a large array of solid colors, and in sizes Twin through Cal King.

What I don’t like

With these sheets, we have to talk first about what I don’t like. The following points are what I think are the disadvantages of these bamboo sheets from Quince.


From the beginning, the quality of the sheets had me a little iffy. They feel very thin, and within a few uses and washes, there were some stitching imperfections in the sheets themselves.

Also, putting the fitted bamboo sheet from the set on my bed had me a little suspicious. The elastic band in the “fitted” part feels kind of big and jiggly. This is hard to explain, but overall, I wasn’t sure the quality was everything I was hoping for.

Slippery and wrinkly texture

I feel like I slip and slide in these sheets, which some people love. I prefer to be packed in to classic cotton sheets that don’t move when I do. I like a tight fitted cotton sheet under me and a crisp cotton top sheet above me. Given, I was not ready for the slippery feel of these bamboo viscose sheets when I got them.

The part that I like the least about the slippery texture is that I tuck the top sheet under the mattress when I’m making the bed, and in the course of a week, it slips out more and more. This is a pet peeve for me because I have to go tuck it back in if I don’t want it coming all the way out.

Wrinkles: the nature of these sheets is that wrinkled and lived-in look. I’ve seen it on Pinterest. If you are more of the crisp cotton sheet type, these might not be your jam. It takes getting used to.

Washing instructions

One thing I find surprising is that Quince doesn’t explicitly state how these should be washed, on the website. The first time I threw them in the washer, I didn’t know if I should run them in the dryer or hang them dry.

I hung them dry on my drying rack, and then I gave up when they didn’t dry very quickly and put them in the dryer on “low.”

Over time, I’ve first put them in the dryer, and then hung them up to dry.

What I like

While I had the criticisms above, here is what I like about these bamboo sheets.

Weightlessness for summer

On those nights when it’s cool outside but our home retains heat and I’m kicking off my blankets at 3am, the bamboo sheets keep me cool. This is the highlight of them so far.

They are very lightweight — the lightest sheets I’ve ever owned. The softness and silkiness is also very comfortable when I’m sleeping in a T-shirt and shorts, which is typical for me. Overall, these are my top pick for summer sheets.

Price point

All Quince product pages on the website show comparisons of Quince products to those of competitors. For the sheets, the comparison is to Ettitude and Cozy Earth, which I’m not familiar with only because I have Brooklinen sheets.

Still, Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen silky sheet set for a Queen size retails at $189, and Quince’s bamboo viscose set is only $89.90. Both are soft and smooth; the difference is a 300 thread count for Quince’s bamboo viscose sheets and 480 thread count for Brooklinen’s, hence the price difference.

Hypoallergenic and organic

The material used is 100% viscose from organic bamboo. I’ll be honest, I thought these sheets would be more fibrous and sturdy, like bamboo, which is why I chose them, as you know from reading above.

Regardless, the hypoallergenic and organic nature of the material means there’s a very low chance of allergic reactions to the material if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

My experience using them in winter vs. summer

I cycle through sheets from several brands, and one of them is my Brooklinen cotton sheet set. I use these all year round and I like them a lot (except for the discoloration in the pillow cases, but that’s another topic). What I’m saying is that I am a cotton sheets person.

I used my Quince Bamboo Sheets in winter, and they did exactly what they do: keep you cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t want this, so instead, I slept in a lot of clothes.

The good news is, though, these bamboo sheets really do work to cool you off if your room runs hot, or if you live somewhere that’s not quite hot enough to use A/C, but you want to stay fresh and cool at night.

I use my Bamboo Sheets in the spring and summer now, and when I kick off my quilt and knitted throw blankets, the top sheet from my Bamboo Sheet Set is a barely-there type of top sheet that I still want on top because I sleep with the breeze of a fan.

All in all, I would recommend them as a hot weather type of sheet set, because that is when they do their job best.

Should you buy them?

If you specifically want sheets that give a silk sheets feel, I would tell you to opt for Quince’s Bamboo Sheet Set. I think what I had been looking for was sheets that were more like cotton, with more structure. I was surprised with this product originally, but I went with it, and now I use the Quince Bamboo Sheets as my summer sheets.

If you are more of a traditional cotton sheets person, like I am, I would tell you to skip these. Maybe opt for the Quince Cotton Percale Sheets, which are specifically a crisp cotton that I think I would really like.

How to buy Quince sheets

Quince products are available direct to consumers at the Quince website. This is where you’ll get free (and fast) shipping, free and easy returns, secure payment and even get to see photos from other customers who purchased the product.

I saw Quince products available at other online retailers or “shopping assistant websites” like ModeSens, but I wouldn’t buy Quince products there because there is a chance that they can mark it up and over-charge for Quince items.

There’s very little reason not to buy your Quince products directly from Quince!

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