Moving into our new house was the perfect moment for me to start fresh with new linens, accents and decor. It was around this time that I also learned about Quince’s quickly growing Home collection, which focuses on bed, bath, decor and tabletop products.

It’s convenient to have a one-stop-shop for when I need home essentials, like shower curtains, a quilt and pillow shams or a throw blanket. After all, Quince products are more affordable than other brands I follow, and they look minimalist, classy and comfortable.

With prices so low, though, how is the quality coming from Quince? In this review of everything I’ve tried from the home line, you can see photos and details on the look, feel and performance of these easy-to-choose home basics.

Quince European Linen Quilt Set

Product tried: European Linen Quilt Set in Terracotta (Queen)

The story is that I bought the Brooklinen Quilt for me and Dan in honor of our wedding a few years ago. With time, the Brooklinen Quilt started falling apart, and the sheets got discolored. The whole thing was a disappointment, and I talk all about that at my Brooklinen Quilt and sheets review.

It was the most apropos time to try out the Quince European Linen Quilt Set, which is maybe half the price, all-in, for the same thing: a queen-sized linen quilt and two pillow shams. How did it work out?

The Quince Linen Quilt is actually a heavier quilt, so be ready for that. It makes the Brooklinen one feel like a throw (and remember: it retails for 1.5x the price!). Nevertheless, the Quince Linen Quilt set is mid-weight and good for all year round. It looks exactly like how it’s pictured online.

I got it in the color “Terracotta” because I think Quince has great color choices, and I went bold, to really give our bedroom in our new house a proper “zing.”

One thing to note is that the first time you wash everything, be prepared for it to “shed” a bit. I cleaned my dryer filter four times and each time, peeled off terracotta-hued lint. (Also, I don’t know how people typically wash things: the quilt took up my entire dryer!)

Worth it?

Yes, absolutely. I compared my Brooklinen quilt set vs the Quince quilt set and I’d recommend the Quince European Linen Quilt Set without a hesitation. (I also had my eye on so many other Quince quilts and bedspreads).

Quince bamboo sheet set

Product tried: Bamboo Sheet Set, in Light Grey

The bamboo sheets were not what I expected, but now that summer has come, I’m putting them to good use. These best-selling Quince sheets feel like sateen and they’re very lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot nights when I kick off my quilt.

I think the thing to know about Quince’s bamboo viscose sheets is that they are silky and slippery, not crisp like traditional cotton sheets (which is wrongly what I was expecting, and I guess I was a misinformed consumer).

I detail this and more in my Quince Bamboo Sheet Set review. One critique I have is that they don’t have a fold-over design on the pillowcases, like my Brooklinen pillowcases. That’s the room for improvement.

Worth it?

It depends on your taste, but the Bamboo sheet sets have a time and place (summer). You might not want to be using them in winter unless your home runs really hot. They’re worth it if you’re interested in owning seasonal sheets for your bedding collection.

Quince Shower Curtains

Products tried: Organic Luxe Waffle Shower Curtain, European Linen Shower Curtain

Shopping for shower curtains is one of those things that can suck the life out of you while you peruse thousands of options on Amazon, or Target, or wherever you tend to shop.

I wanted to simplify the whole thing, and I wanted Quince shower curtains. I tried one of each texture: one in the Luxe Waffle knit, and one in European Linen. Some colors were sold out, but that turned out fine, because I got White in Waffle Knit and Light Grey in European Linen.

I put them in our bathrooms, and voila: both our spaces were elevated immediately. I think that because a shower curtain tends to be so much of a bathroom, you have to do it right, and with these Quince essentials, it was easy decision-making and a bang for the buck. See my full Quince shower curtains review to see more photos.

Worth it?

Yes, definitely. I like how each of them lightens up our bathrooms with simple fabrics.

Quince Cotton Curtains

Product tried: Cotton Slub Curtain, Natural

Picking out curtains for a room is also one of those things I could spend hours on (and we have). I searched around the many Quince offerings for home curtains, and cotton slub seemed like the right choice for us because it wasn’t sheer, and it wasn’t blackout. It was somewhere in the middle, and a lightweight all-season look.

I noted this in my Quince cotton curtains review, that the quality was on-par with the cotton slub layer and a base layer liner. My one gripe is that they only come in one width, which is why we’re switching them out of our family room and probably putting them in the bedroom.

Worth it?

Yep, the quality matches the price. It’s just that they currently only come in one width, and as a second note, I’m less in love with the actual color “Natural” than how it looked online. I’d try White or Grey if I had another shot.

Quince throw blanket

Product tried: Cotton Fisherman Throw in Ivory

I chose the Cotton Fisherman Throw in Ivory for our living room accent chair. I’ve never really “invested” in a throw blanket before. Most of the ones I’ve used have been wool family heirlooms or freebie fleece throws I’ve gotten from clubs and events.

I was deciding among the Quince throw blankets, considering the faux fur, cashmere throw and the airy gauze blanket. Dan and I chose the Fisherman Throw together, though, and I like it for how it’s very heavy under its own weight, gracefully draping itself on couches and accent chairs like our Flexispot statement rocking chair.

Worth it?

Yes, this is a living room essential we’re really happy with.

Quince decorative pillow covers

Product tried: Cotton Fisherman Pillow Cover - Set of 2, Ivory

To go with my new Fisherman Throw blanket, I thought it was a good excuse to give away my dated and second-hand floral print pillow covers and switch in the matching Fisherman Pillow Covers. I saved $10 by getting the pair in the Set of 2.

In comparing the Quince Fisherman pillow covers to my old ones, the difference is the strong metal zippers and lining. I think they give an upgraded look, and you can see how the textures go against my velvet Flexispot sofa.

Table Linens (European Linen Table Runner, Napkins & Placemats)

I’ve never owned a proper set of table linens, and finally having a house to call our own with a proper dining room became the time to own this sort of stuff.

I got the Quince table linens in European Linen: a set of four napkins, a set of four placemats and a table runner to nail the look. Basically, I tried all the table linens except the European Linen tablecloth.

What I like

The table linen collection looks really good in the Quince product photos on the website! How did it turn out in real life?

While I’m not a professional stager, I gave setting the table a shot. I think all the products (napkins, placemats and table runner) were exactly what I pictured and what I expected: crisp linen fabric, true to size and nice quality. I chose a deep-dyed color because I didn’t want stains like tomato sauce or red wine to wreck them forever, if and when.

My one complaint

My only gripe is that I purposely chose the Terracotta color for my table linen set because it was the only color that all three of them came in, on the day I ordered. I was boxed into this color if I wanted them all to match.

When I took them out of the packages, the placemats were a slightly different “Terracotta” than the table runner and the napkins. I assumed that having all come from the same company in the same color choice, that they’d match perfectly. I did raise my eyebrows when, in my checkout cart during making my purchase, the color shown in the napkin thumbnail photo didn’t match the placemats. I tried to forget about it.

So, this is my best advice if you plan to have a matching set: you might want to mix and match when shopping Quince’s table linens. For example, choose a light table runner and a bold set of placemats with complimenting napkins. Note: the European Linen Tablecloth currnently only comes in shades of whites and grays.

Helpful Tip

Another tip from me: Quince’s European Linen products come out of the package and have creases and folds in them from shipping (this is typical with 100% linen products). Some quick ironing smoothens them out a bit!

Mulberry Silk Beauty Sleep Mask

Aside from serving as one of the ways how I got sleep with a newborn, I rest best with a sleep mask at all times of year.

Dan and I keep our room mostly dark, but when the sun rises early on the East Coast in the summer, light starts peeking into our room at 5:30am. I’ve been addicted to my nights being as good as they are by using a sleep mask, ever since our first sunrise-facing apartment in Brooklyn.

So how is the Quince Mulberry Silk Beauty Sleep Mask? I like it a lot, down to the cute drawstring satchel it comes with, making it seem luxurious up from other sleep masks I’ve had from Ann Taylor LOFT, and yes, IKEA.

Worth it?

Sure, I think so. Most retailers price silk sleep masks at leaset $20 or $30 higher than this one, and the fact that I’ve been sleeping with it every night tells you it works.

What to know about Quince’s Home Collection

If you’ve been following Quince for a while like I have, you probably are familiar with the Quince clothing, accessories, travel luggage and collections for children and babies.

And what about the prices? Honestly, the prices for the Quince home products are stellar. I don’t feel like I’m going to be “ripped off” or “overpay” for things like quality woven pillow covers, sheets, glassware or storage items.

What about the quality? It would seem that for such low prices (when compared to competitors in the business like West Elm, Brooklinen and Parachute), Quince may fall short. But no, Quince continually stands up to be the “affordable luxury” that it originally quoted when I first got to know the brand.

Everything I order is classic, timeless and chic, just like the photos in the website. Each product I’ve tried is exactly what it’s described as on the website, and because Quince is direct-to-consumer with no brick-and-mortar stores for touching or feeling the products, you’d want to be sure that they’re legit.

My thoughts above on each Quince home product in my house right now reflects use over a few months, and for some, over a year. I hope this clarity into how the products perform was helpful for you as you explore the wide variety of offerings from this online brand.

We’d like to thank Quince for providing us with all the home products mentioned above; while the company has sent us the products as gifts, all thoughts in our reviews and content are our own.