Curtains are always really overwhelming when you move somewhere new, or if you want to redo your current curtains. With Quince, though, the choices were easier.

After I decided which material among Quince’s offerings I wanted, I chose my color from a few choices, and boom: my curtains were already shipping to my new house.

Here’s my review of the Quince Cotton Slub curtains, and I hope that my info is helpful if you’re deciding among any of Quince’s varied curtain products.

Key summary points

  • Quince’s cotton curtains are affordable and look really nice, in my opinion.
  • They come in a few lengths, but only one width (consider this if you’re using them for double doors).
  • I think they’re very well worth the price for the quality, so they turn out to be a worthwhile home product.

What I like about my Quince curtains

Price for quality

Curtains can come cheap from Amazon (and they’ll be cheap), and they can also come upwards of $75 for a single curtain, from retailers like West Elm. On the Quince website, it says that similar curtains would be $100 from Crate & Barrel, and even $109+ from The Company Store.

Quince’s prices are affordable and not too ridiculous. The price for these curtains reflects satisfactory quality, and I have no issues with the cost nor the material and how it’s holding up.

As for the quality itself, the cotton slub is like a sturdy cotton, with a white liner. This is what keeps the curtains from being sheer. If you’re looking for sheer curtains in cotton, though, Quince makes those too.

The blackout cotton slub curtains start at $10 higher and I may consider them for my bedroom someday.


Both Dan and I like that the cotton slub curtains have “dual top treatment” rather than stitched holes or grommets for the loops where the curtain rod goes. This gives a nice and sophisticated look. We have some other curtains in the house that have metal grommets for the cut-outs on top, and the Quince curtains look nicer.

With the pleating, I like that I can pleat the curtains easily when they’re open on the window. And the top treatment helps with a neat pleated look.

Simple ordering choices

Currently, Quince’s hallmark benefit is that for any given product, there is a set number of colors to choose from, and very few wild patterns. This makes Quince products pretty timeless.

With the curtain color choices, they’re all pretty muted and agreeable. I chose “Natural” for my curtains because our walls are like a light gray-green, and we have a patterned carpet on the floor in the family room. Ultimately, I wish I went for just plain White, but that’s classic buyer’s remorse.

How are they working out?

I am happy with the level of light filtering these curtains give. As it happens, this room never gets direct sun, so we only need to close the curtains at night. We don’t really get to see how they work with sunlight coming directly toward them.

Ultimately, we think we want to move these curtains to another room and get wider curtains for our deck doors. This would be so that we can close them and still get a pleated look. We wanted to try Quince curtains, it’s just that they’d be better at this time for another part of the house.

Where they could use improvement

Width offerings

Pretty soon after putting up our 48x84 curtains at our family room deck doors, we realized it would’ve been great if they were wider, so that the pleats stayed pleated even when we close them at night.

Currently, Quince curtains only come in the 48” width, so there’s room for improvement here for width options.

Other Quince curtains

I decided on the cotton slub curtains as the best fit for my living room, which is a room we’re having double as a playroom, as well as my home office. This room lives a lot of lives, so the cotton slub curtains felt casual and appropriate.

Quince’s curtains don’t stop there, though. I was also looking at the Linen curtains, which come in Linen Sheer, Linen Blackout and a regular European Linen Curtain.

Then there’s the velvet ones, which aren’t my taste (although I do have a Flexispot velvet couch in my living room…), but may be for you.

Finally, Quince makes Silk Curtains, and those are the ones that seem to have people really talking. There are Silk “Dupioni” curtains, and silk blackout curtains, both in Dupioni and Raw Silk.

Overall, I think Quince is offering a good variety of curtain types to please anyone trying to decorate or redecorate their spaces. I like the transparency of Quince and that’s what keeps me coming back.

Where to get them

My Quince cotton slub curtains, like all other products from Quince, are available to buy and ship fast at

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