Shower curtains is an overwhelming thing to tackle when you move to a new house and want to start fresh. For years, we lived in apartments and had one bathroom, so we had one shower curtain.

When we moved, though, it meant more bathrooms. And I wanted easy decisions for our shower curtains. I wanted them to be modern, classic and minimalist. I didn’t want trendy designs that would go out of style in a few years.

I got Quince shower curtains for each of our full bathrooms, and tried one in each style: European Linen and Organic Luxe Waffle Shower Curtain. Here’s what I think.

What I like

So far, both shower curtains look really good in our bathrooms. A few of my thoughts are below, with photos from my bathrooms.

Timeless styles

With the European Linen style, I knew that less meant more. Our first full bath is light green, with natural light coming through the window. To vary the space, I chose the Linen shower curtain in Gray.

Does it work out? I think so! The style is current, and should be, for years to come.

For the second full bath, I chose the Luxe Waffle style, in white. It was an upgrade from our Amazon shower curtain that had traveled with us from apartment to apartment. I think this textural style is both on-trend and will be lasting.

Quality on par with expectation

Given the price point of the Quince shower curtains, I expected fair quality. That’s exactly what I got: linen that looks like crisp linen fabric, and a waffle knit that hangs gracefully off my shower curtain rod.

Both have better stitching than my previous no-name shower curtain from Amazon, and both have 12 stitched holes at the top for rings.


Yep, I like the price. The cheapest Amazon shower curtains are half the price, but nowhere near as stylish. I knew that by spending $20-30 more on shower curtains, I could level-up the entire bathroom look, and I did (see the photos).

What I don’t like

It’s not that I don’t like the curtains themselves, it’s that I think Quince could be offering a little more to make the experience seamless. I think there’s room to improve.

Opportunity to buy hook hardware

I tried to copy the staging and styling I saw in the Quince shower curtain product photos, and I went to Amazon and bought the same shower hooks with a bar design on the end.

For the upstairs full bath, I kept our plastic white no-name shower curtain hooks, as per Dan’s mention that plastic curtain hooks don’t make noise against a metal rod, while metal ones do.

In any case, Quince could be making a buck or two by offering the hooks shown in the photos, to complete the look.

Limited color offerings

Quince, on-brand with most of what Quince offers (like-able solid colors in all their products, most of them timeless), has a limited colorway offering for the shower curtains. I chose Gray for the linen one, and white for the waffle knit one, and the only other option would’ve been beige (called “Sand”).

I already had tried Sand in my cotton slub window curtains, and didn’t think it would elevate either of my bathrooms’ vibes, so I was locked into these other two choices. I think some bolder and darker offerings would be helpful, like a charcoal gray, mauve or blue.

Wrinkly linen

Of course, as is characteristic of linen fabric, the linen shower curtain is really wrinkly. I probably could’ve ironed it before putting it on my shower, but now, there’s no way I am taking it down because I am lazy. My one recommendation to Quince would’ve been to ship it rolled-up so that it didn’t have creases when rolled out.

A yay or a nay?

I give the Quince shower curtains 5/5 stars, in both the European Linen style as well as the Luxe Waffle style.

What I am happy about is that Quince makes shopping simple, doing away with the analysis paralysis that Amazon gives me. With two choices of styles, I’m here for trying both. With only a few colors to choose from, I won’t spend hours agonizing.

I think the price is worth the product, the ease of checking out my cart on the website was simple and the shipping experience was fast and informative.

I’m glad I got both shower curtains for our bathrooms, as I wouldn’t have been able to decide on something like a pattern without going crazy. I look forward to trying more home products soon, from Quince.

More Quince products

I first got into learning about Quince through their travel products like luggage and apparel. I like the easy-to-shop website, the timeless styles and the competitive pricing. Quince has caught the eye of so many people I know, and we all appreciate the affordability for good quality.

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