Take it from me: I’m a simple and minimalist guy who’s happy with useful and functional things that live many lives. I tend to wear the same things over and over again, because they work. And because of that, I’m hard to shop for.

If you’re shopping for a minimalist guy in your life who likes to keep things smart and simple, chances are that it’ll take a lot to surprise him. But if you go by a few of the things I keep front and center in my life, you may be able to please him when its his birthday, Father’s Day or the holidays at the end of the year.

Here are some minimalist must-haves that I keep in my life, and I think these would be solid no-fuss gifts for the man in your life who “doesn’t want more stuff.”

Phone Charging Dock and Stand

To keep my home office desk minimal, I keep my phone docked on a clean Peak Design wireless charging stand. It’s a way of parking my phone, while also having it charge while I’m working, so I consider it one of my home office desk essentials.

Having this product on my desk has been design-savvy and smart, and it’s also nice to look at. There are no frills, so it’s minimalist and sleek, with every part of it having a function.

Wood Block & Prints

I’d never want to overpower my desk, nightstand or dresser with too much art or too much visual noise, so having a simple wood block with a selection of revolving prints is perfect. I first learned about this Wood Block & Prints product from Artifact Uprising when Becca and I were first dating, and I got this set for her for her birthday.

A giant mug or coffee apparatuses

I’m simple when it comes to my morning coffee, but I can be tricked into believing I need more.

That’s right: coffee is a minimalist operation for me: it’s one that I take seriously, but there are ways to improve the experience if someone had to buy me gifts. A few of my must-haves are a giant mug that can follow me around all morning, and ideas for how to up my game, like a V60 pourover and a Hario carafe.

Check these out if are shopping for a minimalist man who likes coffee:

A really nice tech bag

I didn’t know I needed a tech bag until I got myself one a few years ago. Since, then, I’ve tried out loads of tech bags and I think they’re one of the best gifts for guys who like to be able to stay tidy and neat—think “minimalist.”

Two of my favorite tech bags are the Rig Case 2.0 from Troubadour, and the Peak Design Tech Pouch. Both are minimal, classic and timeless. They won’t go out of style, and they’ll keep anything from wires and cables to earbuds and backup batteries safe and packed up for traveling or storing.

Nike Killshot 2 Leather Sneakers

If you choose to go the shoe route for a gift for your guy, think simple and timeless, like the Nike Killshot 2. These sneakers are surprisingly affordable, so they’re not a gigantic investment, but they can be a winning payoff for a minimalist guy who needs a gift.

When it comes to lifestyle sneakers for casual wear, I like shoes that will go with everything I wear: and I mostly wear black or dark colors, with crew socks. These casual leather shoes aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so a minimalist man will be happy with their versatility as a closet staple.

As a disclaimer, this inclusion of the Nike Killshot 2 is not sponsored; however, Nike sent me this product as a gift, to try out and review.

The thickest and most legit socks

When I took my Smartwool Mountaineer Classic Edition Crew Socks out of the package and put them on, I realized I had never put my feet into anything like these.

And that’s what makes them a nice gift: these maximum cushion socks are hard to dislike because you feel like you’re walking on clouds. They’re good for around the house, or for cold feet when sleeping, or for going on a hike in the wilderness. These socks will live multiple lives for a minimal man.

A black cap to wear everywhere

My simple black Versa hat from Western Rise could not be more minimalist. It’s stretchy, comfortable, washable and also “crushable” — it can smush up and be packed into a backpack or even Becca’s fanny pack, and it’ll come out with the same shape later.

I’d say it’s a baseball cap for a minimalist guy who likes his hat forwards or backwards and needs it to match everything so that he only has to own one.

A backpack that does it all

I took around my Moment Everything Backpack the other day and remembered just how sleek and minimal it is, whether I’m out on a day trip or just taking my laptop somewhere to do some work.

Backpacks can be really hard to buy, especially when you are shopping for someone else. A backpack this simple is a pretty easy win, and because it’s a Moment bag, it’s designed for optimal function with exceptional quality.

Need to see more details? Head to my Moment Everything Backpack review.

A trusty basic pocket tee

On any work-from-home weekday, or weekend, I’m wearing my Amity black pocket tee from Mott & Bow. In fact, I’m kind of like Steve Jobs (who wore the same black turtleneck every day, to everyone’s knowledge) in that I have several copies of this shirt and I wear them all the time.

Do you need a gift for a minimalist guy who keeps it simple in how he dresses? Well, if he could use a new top to add to his capsule wardrobe, this versatile tee can be dressed up or down (and sometimes I even sleep in one). You can see a little more at our Mott & Bow apparel review.

House shoes (active recovery shoes)

There’s nothing Becca and I like more than a clean house, and the way we achieve that, while also supporting our feet, is by having ergonomic house shoes, as we call them.

We wear Kane Footwear Revive recovery shoes, which are like athletic-looking Crocs, and they’re super comfortable for wearing around the house, either while standing at my standing desk or cleaning and doing housework.

A new Apple watch band

The first thing I did when I got my Apple watch was actually to order a new watch band for it. That’s because I didn’t like the feeling of the default band it came with, and part of the fun of having an Apple watch, just like with an iPhone, is dressing it up to my preference with a new band.

One of my favorite minimal brands, Quince, is making timeless unisex watch bands for Apple watches, and this stainless steel band can’t be beat. It has a magnetic closure that’s easy and fuss-free.

You can learn a little more about this brand at Becca’s Quince home essentials review.